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1. General

Projector Management and Control is a software which enables the user to manage, maintain and remote control a projector/beamer or a set of projectors over a network or a RS-232 interface. The current program is a ALPHA Release and may contain several errors. To inmprove the software, please publish the occured errors or email to Furthermore notify the developer via email if you have problems in understanding or using the software.

2. Licence

General Public License (GPL)

3. Installation

3.1 How to start ?

The software "Projector Mangement and Control" is written in Python and for executing the program you have to ensure that your installation matchs all neccessary system requirements (readme.txt pagraph 3). Python is an interpreter language and the sourcecode can be directly executed if you are using the python interpreter. Therefore download Python 2.3 or higher and install it on your computer. Furthermore for using all program features you need to install the PySerial modul after you have installed Python 2.3. Now you should be able to start the software.

You are sure your system matchs all requirements, than unpack the ZIP File into a target directory (i.g. c:/prjmanager), switch to this directory and start with "python". Instead of typing the start command, under WIN you can easily doubleclick on the "" file.

Please contact if any problem while installing the program!

3.2. System Requirements

3.3. Directories

./   contains the GUI sourcecode
/bin   contains core sourcecode
/driver   directory to store the XML-Driver-Files after import
/images   the GUI-Button icons
/save   the save files which store the current application state
/testserver   a projector dummy server which behaves like a simple projector

4. Latest Releases from

To get the latest releases, please download the compressed sourcecode from

Project Descriptive: Projector Management and Control
Project UNIX Name: pronetmanager
Project Summary Page:
Project Group ID: 135948
Project Administrators: Lars Wolf (lawo1979)

5. Driver Files

7. Further Characteristics

Database Environment:   Proprietary file format
Development Status:   Alpha
Operating System:   Linux, Win2K, WinXP
Programming Language:   Python
Topic:   Network and Communications
Language:   English
User Interface:   Tk